Corporate courses in Vienna

In-company courses are customised to your needs and available in all formats, combine virtual lessons and face-to-face classes to benefit from increased flexibility.  


Face-to-face lessons at your company in Vienna and surroundings: For groups or individuals, weekly or intensive, face-to-face German courses are an engaging and rich in learning experience. A customised language training that improves your communication skills focusing on real-life communication in Austria and increases your confidence and fluency when speaking German. We'll focus on eliminating skill gaps, building up the grammar system and a functional vocabulary to help you understand and master German with ease and confidence. 


Additionally to regular German courses you can also book conversation classes



German Online Classes: Flexible and personalised for specific needs and objectives, live online lessons focus on fluency, comprehension and pronunciation to improve your listening and speaking skills. With very flexible lesson booking and the combination of video conference and the easy-to-use Google Doc, this course is perfect for individuals and small groups who need to improve their oral German, or to be precise their spoken Austrian. 



If you want to focus on your listening and speaking skills, experience has shown that live online lessons produce faster results. This is because body language is reduced, you are obliged to communicate through speaking and listening more intensely. Online lessons with 30 or 45 minutes are shorter than group courses so concentration is higher and you focus entirely on the interaction with only one individual, your teacher. The result is you make progress more quickly with online lessons than with face-to-face lessons in a group where distractions effect your concentration. 


Course structure and content will be costumised to your needs, all German courses can be blended together to create a tailor-made language training, for example an intensive German course followed by online maintenance lessons or combined with face-to-face individual coaching. Corporate trainings start with mapping your needs, assessing your level of German, your objectives and your priorities to create a personalised course. 


What are the advantages?

  • Flexible and convenient - to fit busy schedules
  • Schedule your lessons when you want between 8am and 8pm, with a reserved weekly slot, or week-by-week
  • Also short lessons available with only 30 or 45 minutes that are easy to schedule, and you don't waste time travelling or waiting
  • Learn from your laptop,  tablet or mobile

To learn more about the corporate courses here you can send me a mail, with no obligation. 


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