Why choose me?

  • Free consultation
  • Near-native German speaker
  • Classes in Vienna city-center
  • 15 years of teaching experience
  • A multitude of Teaching/Learning Materials
  • Explanation in English, German or Hungarian
  • University trained translator and language teacher
  • Flexible schedule, available also on Saturday and Sunday
  • ... and last, but not least: very patient and always supportive

About me and my tutoring approach

I'm a highly qualified and experienced translator and a language teacher for German and Hungarian. I have taught both in the private sector and in numerous language schools, adults and children of different ages. I can offer Hungarian to university level, for this is my mother-tounge, and German to B1 level since I live and work in Vienna for more than 15 years now. I came here to study and made my Bachelor degree in Transcultural Communication and a Master degree in Translation and Terminology Sciences at the University of Vienna, then settled down with a good man and built a family.

I also have a teaching qualification for 'German as a Foreign Language' from the University of Kassel in Germany, and a didactic training on the renowned BERLITZ-method for 'Native Speaker Language Teachers'. Usually I work from home, where I have a vast library of  teaching resources such as worksheets, textbooks, picture dictionaries, flash-cards, games and lots of books for Beginners with German-English parallel texts, short stories for Easy Readers etc.


Since I'm also a translator with native-like fluency in German and knowledge of Austria's history, culture, politics and economy, as well as having advanced English proficiency, I also provide a variety of language support services for (Austrian) German and Hungarian based on my regional expertise. Also, being a translator and a polyglott enables me to see languages and their grammar systems from a different angle than German native speakers or 'regular' school teachers.


I use varying tutoring approaches, because no two learners are alike, whereby enjoyment is an important factor in my lessons. I very much like to use the latest technology and teaching techniques, but also have an extensive compilation of German language games, cards, songs, short stories, videos. I'm fond of and really appreciate internet sources to teach German and Hungarian, for I do believe that learning German, as well as Hungarian, can be fun. I aim to foster a friendly but professional relationship with each of my students, to build their confidence and self belief when they learn a new language. German can be an extremely challenging language and as an experienced German tutor I really can help you learning it.


I'll patiently work alongside you at the speed that works for you best. In the first lesson we'll analyse your needs, noting your strengths and weaknesses. My German lessons involve paying particular attention to everyday vocabulary, focusing on the most important grammar topics, providing good practice in colloquial Austrian. If you need help with any particular area of difficulty, we can target them of course and practice specific skills and speacialized vocabulary of your choice. 


Organization: The German lessons can be 60, 90 or 120 minutes in length according to your preferences and your schedule. You can also bring your colleague, friend or spouse and take semi-private lessons; we have enough place for as many as 3 persons in our home-office. We live in the city center of Vienna, just beside the famous Karmelitermarkt in the 2nd district; our appartement is easy to reach with U2, U4 and U1, tram 1 and 2, and the bus lines 5A and 5B. Home tutoring at your place or in-house trainings at your company are also possible by agreement, please ask for an individual price offer.


Even though we can arrange your lessons at short notice, I usually require 3-4 days in advance to book your lesson at your preferred time. How to cancel a lesson: If you can't attend the lesson, I need you to cancel our appointment in time and give me notice 24 hours in advance, but at least on the day before our appointment by no later than 18:00 by phone, e-mail or per SMS. Otherwise I'll have to charge 100% of the lesson fee, since I reserved that time slot for you and can not rearrange my day on such a short notice. Thank you.


What my students think of me as a teacher:


Sara is a friendly and very knowledgeable teacher which makes learning with her both fun and extremely effective. She provided me with the resources I needed to learn German and customised lessons to suit me. I am now enjoying being able to speak German much more confidently. Sara also provided practical insights into life in Austria, which was really useful in helping with real life language.

Sara is friendly, professional and insightful and I recommend her highly.
Ann H.
During a year-long research fellowship in Vienna, I worked with Sara to improve my conversational German twice a week. These sessions helped me navigate the complexity of the German language while also providing a deeply informative and personal introduction to the history and culture of Vienna. Like all dedicated teachers, Sara expects a lot from her students, a quality helped me to maintain my devotion to the task at hand.  She has a vast plethora of teaching materials, and she was very perceptive in deciding which exercises and books to assign according to my strengths and weakness. I also really appreciated the way in which Sara was able to calibrate her spoken German during our conversations in order to best reflect my own progress. In addition to her pedagogical qualities, I enjoyed Sara’s unique blend of camaraderie and “tough love.” Halfway through my year in Vienna, going to Sara’s place for my tutoring sessions no longer felt like I was going to meet just an instructor but a dear friend.    
Ross L.
More references you'll find here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/germanteacher/