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List of German Verbs

Top 10 German idioms

German Verb Conjugator

Question Words in German

Grimms' Fairy Tales in brief

German Grammar Summaries

Slowly spoken news in German

Grammar exercises from all levels

How to prepare for a job interview

10 things to never say to an Austrian

Watch American TV series in German

Google Translator for German and English

Read and Listen: Current topics in German

Podcast: Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten

Phrases for the Doctor and in case of an accident


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Geman for Kids

Podcast für Kinder

Märchen für Kinder

Hörbücher für Kinder

Music videos for children

Vocabulary videos for children


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Slow German

German Audio

German Podcast

Kurze Hörtexte 1.

Kurze Hörtexte 2.

Audio Guide Wien

Podcasts nach Themen

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Slowly spoken news in German

Audio-texts with exercise sheets

Kleine Geschichten zum Mithören

Beiträge zu aktuellen politischen Themen

Hörbücher und Hörspiele der Kategorie "Krimi und Spannung"


Learn German with videos and subtitles 

Super Easy German

German Telenovela


English-German online translators, dictionaries and glossaries

Google translator

Word reference on

If in doubt, use DUDEN, the German concise dictionary


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German humor

Be Deutsch! - A satirical music video by a German comedian about being German


Learn German in Vienna - German courses in Vienna

* Mama lernt Deutsch - German for mothers with babies:

* ÖSD exam preparatory courses: 

* German intensive courses 4 weeks with 15 hours per week:


Good to know: Practical tips and funny articles about living in Vienna and learning Austrian German


Austrian slang

Austrian for Beginners

Austrian Adaptation - a witty blog about living in Vienna

Vienna Würstelstand - Vienna's English-speaking online magazine helping you make the most out of Vienna … and life.



And of course Vienna is the world’s most liveable city and the first ever European city to top the list. Read more:


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