Learn German online in 1-on-1 setting, tailor-made, with flexible schedule

Online courses for everyone - Learn German anytime, anywhere
When designing your German course I'll take your personal and career background, your current knowledge and your specific goals into consideration. If you need a flexible schedule with the possibility to change your classes last-minute, private tuition online is a good fit for you. A mix of online lessons and in-person meetings in Vienna is also possible. 


For the video part we'll use Google Meet / Skype / ZOOM / WhatsApp / Hangouts / MS Teams or FB Messenger and for the writing part Google Docs as a blackboard for me and as a notebook for you, so new vocabulary and grammar can be noted down, texts / pics / links can be shared, viewed and edited by both the student and the tutor. Online classes in that combination have proven to be very effective on the long run.

Private lessons will help you improve your German language skills as all the attention we'll be on you. At the beginning of the course your level will be carefully assessed, tempo and topics of the lessons will be tailored to your needs and learning pace. We'll work together to find the best approach to help you progress and to reach your full potential.
Online lessons can be 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes in length according to your preferences within the time frame available. Pick lesson times that fit around your lifestyle and learn online from any location, no matter where you happen to be. Book from just 5 German lessons to a complete German course depending on your needs and goals. Available for standard German classes and for German conversation classes, please ask for an individual price offer.
Having flexible cancellation policies, you can cancel or reschedule your class on the day before our appointment by no later than 12:00 without having to pay for it.
Talk to me in German! Short Speaking Lessons on the phone, WhatsApp or Viber
If you prefer not to sit around, we can also have a talk by phone. Improve your listening comprehension and spoken German on your mobile so you can have longer conversations with your family members, friends, collegues and clients. You'll focus on my voice, thus sharpening your listening comprehension and practicing everyday language based on simple question-answer sequences. I'll only correct your pronounciation and errors as not to break the flow. 
You'll train yourself to understand and reply to anything said to you in German. You'll get used to think, act and react in German and remove hesitation while speaking German. This way you have maximum speaking practice and the opportunity to chat in German without pressure, so you'll have the confidence to casually chat on the phone.  
Short Speaking Lessons can be 30 or 60 minutes in length according to your preferences. Pick lesson times that fit around your lifestyle and speak on your mobile from any location. Book from just 5 German lessons to a whole conversation course depending on your needs and goals. Available only for conversation classes, please ask for an individual price offer.
Since I have flexible cancellation policies, you can even cancel or reschedule your lesson on the day before our appointment by no later than 12:00 without having to pay for it.
German conversation classes in Vienna 1020 or outdoor in the city center

In addition to regular German classes I also offer conversation lessons with a focus on general conversation topics, such as basic conversation starters, family, work, hobbies, travels, eating & drinking etc. We can talk about the Viennese and living in Vienna, the tasks after relocation, your new work environment, potential culture shock, and about the Austrian culture, society, language, (business) etiquette, manners, customs or any other topic you'd like to. Private conversation training is highly interactive with about 50% of learner participation, since you are the only one learner, so you'll speak a lot based on question-answer sequences, which really can help you master everyday communication with the natives ;-) 


All you can talk: 1-on-1 classes allow as much speaking time as possible. I'll help you to improve your accuracy and fluency by carefully correcting your pronunciation and grammar, writing down mistakes and encouraging correct use and practice. In our conversation class we'll have a good cuppa of tea or a coffee and discuss topics you choose, we can speak about everything and anything. No textbook, no homework, e.g. only if you want some, and as few a grammar as necessary. You'll use your conversation skills for (business) small talk or chit-chat, sharpen your listening comprehension and pronunciation, practice everyday vocabulary and build your own personal vocabulary, all in all improve your ability to act/ask and react/answer. 

Talk & Walk: German on the go
Join me for a walk! Linking learning with movement will be a very new experience for you which is not only for the motoric type of learners. This is an excellent opportunity to improve your fluency and get to know some nice places at the very heart of Vienna. Classes take place outdoor, somewhere in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 9th district, such as Vienna Old Town, Augarten, Prater, Stadtpark, Votivpark, Volksgarten, Burggarten etc. We can also go for a strolling in the Mariahilferstraße and do some (window) shopping, get a coffee and a cake in one of Vienna's famous coffeehouses and I could also show you some of my Geheimtipps  in the city center if you like. 


About me and my tutoring approach

I'm a university-trained and experienced translator and a dedicated language teacher for German and Hungarian. I have taught both in the private sector and in numerous language schools, adults and children of different ages. I can offer Hungarian to C2, for this is my mother-tounge, and German to B2, since I live and work in Vienna for more than 20 years now. I came here to Austria to study and made first my Bachelor degree in 'Transcultural Communication', and then a Master degree in 'Translation and Terminology Sciences' at the University of Vienna, then settled down with a good man and built a family.


I also have a teaching qualification for 'German as a Foreign Language' from the University of Kassel in Germany, and a didactic training on the renowned BERLITZ-method for 'Native Speaker Language Teachers'. Usually I work from home, where I have a vast library of  teaching resources for Beginners such as worksheets, textbooks, picture dictionaries, flash-cards, games and lots of books with German-English parallel texts, short stories for Easy Readers etc.


Since no two learners are alike, I use varying tutoring approaches, whereby enjoyment is an important factor in my lessons. I very much like to use language games, cards, songs, videos and the internet to teach my languages, for I do believe that learning German, as well as Hungarian, can be fun. I aim to foster a friendly but professional relationship with each of my students, to build their confidence and self belief when they learn a new language. German can be an extremely challenging language and as an experienced German teacher I really can help you learning it.


I'll work alongside you at the speed that works for you best. In the first lesson we'll analyse your needs, noting your strengths and weaknesses. My German lessons involve paying particular attention to everyday vocabulary, focusing on the most important grammar topics, providing good practice in colloquial Austrian. Should you need help with any particular area of difficulty, we can target them of course.


1-to-1 tuition can make the German grammar become far more accessible, because you can ask everything you've ever wanted to know and discuss it with me in English. So if the direct method, used in most language schools in Vienna, doesn't work for you and learning in a group with 8-10 other students doesn't fit your needs, then probably you should try a couple of private lessons. Especially in the beginning it's advisable to go through the German grammar in English, by the way of translating -> comparing -> explaining. Private lessons have the advantage to learn individually and at your own pace. Together we'll sharpen your passive skills in reading and listening, and practice your active skills in speaking and writing. I'll make sure you understand grammar, enhance your communication skills and build your confidence in speaking German.


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